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We recently caught up with Parisian producer Janeret, an artist who’s been well on our radar with his solid brand of groove-inflicted, deeply textured house music. Besides his own productions, he also runs the relatively new yet impressive Flyance Records with French companions Ka One and St- Sene.

The trio set up the label about a year ago with the aim to develop and evolve their “musical identities,” but ultimately as a platform for them to heavily invest in the artists they sought and strongly support. Flyance also hold down a monthly residency, ‘Monseigneur’, at new Parisian club Sonotown, a night that provides them with the opportunity to invite artists down “who are in touch with the sound they want to promote.”

The latest release on the imprint (FLY003) comes from two new artists on the roster: Georgian producer HVL and Japanese duo Monotix. The former brings cinematic soundscapes and deep, acid inspired house on the A side while the latter drops two seductive house grooves that come fleshed out with dubbed, multi-layered arrangements on the B. The stylistically diverse EP also features an experimental interlude from label heads Ka One & St-Sene.

Janeret has also provided us with the 10th instalment of our mix series, a smooth blend of house music and acid-infused melodies, with an electronic soul undertone.

What was the catalyst for you getting into electronic music, and what kind of music did you listen to when growing up?

My mother was a radio host so naturally I grew up listening to a lot of music, 90’s soul and rnb from the likes of Maxwell and Sade. My real interest in house began after hearing Mr Fingers – ‘Can You Feel It ‘on a local radio station in Grenoble. I remember hearing this and jumping on my computer to search the name of the track! I’d never heard anything like it before

Your music is deeply textured, warm and with great depth and melody – do you have a certain aim when you get in the studio? What are the creative processes involved for you?

I have no rules really when I work, but it’s true that I love pads and atmospheric sounds.

I usually start by working on a rhythm, and when I like it I start looking for nice pads and atmosphere to build around the track. I search for a nice groove and melody, then when the loop sounds great to me, I start to evolve the track

Your latest release was with eastern European HVL and Japanese duo MONOTIX – how did your collaboration with these artists come about? Do you have a particular style of music you are looking to release with the label?

We’ve appreciated these artists for quite some time now, we have all their records and it seemed natural to release them. We are very picky about the type of music we release, and we recognise it’s difficult to find producers that exactly match with what we want – HVL and Monotix respond to our criteria. We want to keep a guideline for the sound of Flyance, we like techno and deep house and we love the mix of those two genres

Flyance Records now have a residency at new Paris club Sonotown, what can you tell us about this and the night’s people can expect?

We will have a residency every two months at “Monseigneur”. Ka one, St-Sene and myself, will play the warm up and our guest will do the rest! As the label we keep a guideline and we will invite artists in touch with the sound we want to promote.

There seem to be a lot of good spots to party in Paris, and we’ve heard a lot of testaments about the terrace at concrete,  but what’s you favourite place to play?

Yes, Paris is on fire! there are many many places and great crews that make amazing line ups each week. Terrace is really cool, I’ve played there for a 4h set and I really enjoyed to play there, the crowd is open minded so you can create something cool with them during the set. But my best memories was definitely at Concrete when I played downstairs in the club last July – I was warming up the club from 10pm to 12am and I remember at 11pm the club already looked like it was the headline time. It was a cool memory!

There have always been excellent talents coming out of France – specifically Paris – with the likes of Laurent Garnier, Daft Punk, DJ Gregory, DJulz etc to more recently, Brawther, Tomska and the Apollonia crew. What do you think it is about France/Paris that has helped mould the shape of the electronic music over there?

Yeah Laurent Garnier did a lot for electronic music in France, I think all these heads you named have contributed a lot for the French scene and continue to do so. The great thing is to see so many talents emerge and be supported by the older generation, it makes for a great mood in the French scene.

Are there are any artists at the moment you feel we should be keeping an eye out for?

It’s difficult to choose only one, and maybe not a new artist but I think Fred P is the man!

What artists have had most influence on you as a producer?

Larry Heard & Ludovic Navarre are two my favourite producers.

Tell us about the mix you’ve done for us?

I made a selection of my favourite tracks at the moment, some old, some new – trying to make a great atmosphere for these 55minutes

Finally, what’s next for you and the label?

I have a few tracks that will be released soon. For Flyance, the FLY004 we will do a Cycles vol.3 with Ka one & St-sene and me.

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