Auxx | A_14516

Auxx aka Louis Sterling is someone we’ve supported from the outset of his foray into producing. Where music is concerned Auxx makes beats to open our minds; with sounds designed to trigger new ways of listening, his output is centered on utilising a myriad of different genres and styles, veering across a broad spectrum of sounds. His catalogue to date is carefully crafted with sonic merit, and each release has signified a progression and an appetite to experiment with new ways of making music.

His latest mix is a particularly pertinent for one reason: it’s dedicated to the loss of one his friends, Eve White. “She was a really alternative, interesting character, and inspired this entire mix. Musically it wouldn’t be be her cup of tea – but is the only way I can tribute. Heart goes out to her family.”

This mix is a true transportive journey that evokes sincere emotion and a perceptual atmosphere. Samples change, moods shift and its tonal contrasts are sought throughout. “It’s like being in-between a panic and anxiety attack for two week straight, and you cant escape it, so when you literally find everything obscure for this period of time – you have to distract yourself from it by exploring it. It’s also very much where my interest stands musically at the moment.” A sincere tribute with emotions captured powerfully with music. Thanks for sharing, Louis.


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