5 Tracks To Get You Into Teedra Moses

We never need an excuse to feature a high calibre artist like Teedra Moses, though with her upcoming shows next week at the Jazz Cafe in London it felt fitting to revisit a few of the tracks from one of our favourite soul artists.

Her 2004 debut “Complex Simplicity” is one of the most underrated albums released during that time. Despite now being critically acclaimed, it was an album that had little, if any, commercial success upon its release nearly 15 years ago. But she has still had the unusual benefit of essentially earning her living and standing within the industry on the basis of just one immaculate album. Tracks like ‘Caution’ and ‘Caught Up’ are groove personified nods to the 70s funk-influenced soul era, with both tracks a staple of her authentic soul sound.

“I am so grateful to be on the underground and surviving. I’m so happy to be something people choose and not forced to be down with.”

Moses has had only a handful of releases since “Complex Simplicity”,  but has written songs for artists including  Christina Milian, Mary J. Blige and a host of others along the way. She was also featured on and co-wrote two songs from Raphael Saadiq’s 2004 hit album Ray Ray, “Chic” and “I Want You Back”.  ‘Complex Simplicity’ undoubtedly allowed Teedra Moses to consistently thrive and gain new fans over the years, despite the lack of a follow up release (not until 2010, when she returned with Royal Patience).

“What it is about that album is the main reason why I can’t just throw out a second album. My intentions are to make timeless music, my intentions are to make music that you can listen to 10 years from now and appreciate it”.

Ahead our her Jazz cafe shows next week, we’ve picked out 5 tracks from Teedra Moses.

Caution [2004]

Catchy, hip-hop orientated beat that has a myriad of influences, mixing soul and pop with a funky house undertone, while Moses’ freestyle-like lyrics carrying the track along melodically and seamlessly.

Caught Up [2004]

The rumbling bass and flecked-guitar combo form the form of this smooth roller, giving it a nice stepping vibe. The musical arrangements adding subtlety and style to the elegance of Moses vocals.

Falling 4 U [2011]

Taken from Moses 2011 album Luxurious Undergrind, Falling 4 U is a solid reminder of how well-crafted her tracks are. A funk-fuelled guitar rhythm and psychedelic keys undulate in the background, with the uncompromising soulful vocal harmonies of Moses cultivating a rhythmical aesthetic.

Be Your Girl [2004]

Be Your Girl served both as the albums lead single and opening track. It’s a smooth song that harkens to the sound of 90’s RnB with a classic drum pattern and dreamy piano keys. The simplicity of its arrangements together with Moses effortless vocals creating musical serenity.

Skin Drive [2016]

Warped keys and dubbed piano play out until the soothing tones of Moses voice boast over the arrangements. Off-kilter drums, hurrying hi-hats and hand-claps give added energy, to give the track a unique rnb/dancehall aesthetic.

Tickets: Teedra Moses Live at the Jazz Cafe, Camden